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"Thats our way sculptor wanted 2017 to pay tribute to the location, to Zahas work, and to the burgeoning lifestyle in the area." The architect's first project in New Yorkand also one of the last to bear Hadid's personal stamp after her unexpected death last year520 West 28th is, indeed, a monumental tribute both to the architect's signature style and to the city of New York. To those who worked closely with Hadid, her first New York City project was a long time coming. "I remember Zaha saying that when she visited New York City she loved to walk around this neighborhood and visit the galleries," recalls Correia. "She would frequently walk the High Line and she was intrigued by its function as an alternative public space." Hadid's fascination with the public park served as a jumping-off point for the building's design. "For a pedestrian, the High Line creates a new way to see the city," Correia explains. "For the fist time, pedestrians can see it from an elevated perspective, as though they were on an urban balcony. So this sense of layering is something we tried to develop in the project." To do so, Hadid conceived a facade of stacked balconies in her signature curvaceous style, each providing a generous view of the city and High Line while still maintaining privacy. "The split, what we call the chevron shape, became the theme of the project, wood sculpture and we expressed it very strongly on the facade with these handcrafted, dark stainless-steel panels," Correia says. Such a choice of material is significant: Though the building's silhouette maintains Hadid's trademark organic fluidity, making it a standout in a skyline of linear skyscrapers, the architect and her team channelled the city's history through their use of stainless steel. "We were keen to sculptor pictures pick those panels, because its a reference to the iron of the High Line and the materiality of Chelsea as a neighborhood," says Correia. "We wanted it to very directly embrace the historic quality of the neighborhood and the High Line." More: Tour Zaha Hadid's Dazzling Superyachts This connection between city life and personal life carries through to the interiors, which were also conceived by Hadid.

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